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D'amour created new post 2 hours 35 min ago

Dear mentors, you can now use your modems because they are on. thanks to fhi360 have done all the utmost so that mentors get back online.

Original post by D'amour

i'd like to ask if you have been told that modem validity is 0 days! i was told so and i can't use anymore. if you can help to know how it can restored or who to address. thanks!

I think it could be a problem of MTN because even my personal modem is telling me so.

Original post by YUFI SAM

I received a nice text message from one of my mentees and it really made my day. Atleast here is proof that my efforts are being appreciated. . .

Hi Yufi,

that was really encouraging to see the fruits of your toil and I belive  there are many others who appreciate your help to them.


Pascal created new post 1 week 3 hours ago

On Tuesday 15th April 2014, all the Headteachers of 12 YBE,9YBE and primary schools, School Based Mentors, Sector education Officers,Senior Mentors, DEOs ,Inspectors , L3 regional and national coordinators gathered at the district for a Training on L3 materials. L3 Kinyarwanda and English and Maths materials were presented to the participants. All the stakeholders appreciated the innovations that REB is introducing in the schools to boost the quality of education in terms of numeracy and literacy. All the SEOs decided on training all the teachers before 28th April so they start the new term using the materials.

Let us all be in schools on Monday 21st.

Original post by Rebecca ashuza

I would like to get a piece of advice from you dear fellows. In Rusizi we did not get trainee books. They want us to use our projectors to train teachers while not all schools have electricity.

Thank you for your question, below are some tips for you:

SMS Tips

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