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Original post by HillarySheridan

Good luck to all those who apply.

Original post by YUFI SAM


uwamahoro janviere created new post 2 months 1 week ago

i greet u in jesus name

Amatta created new post 2 months 1 week ago

Over the weekend, My yahoo mail account was hacked, my password changed and from then on I can no longer access that account. 

Original post by Tuyishimiremmy

Hi guys,
Long time !
I would like to know how far you are in running after teaching positions available everywhere across East African Community.
Hope God is with you in all your efforts you are making.
Maybe, we never know, one day we will smile just like other government employees
such as our ex-mentees, our ex-headteachers, etc. are now enjoying Rwandans' taxes.

I miss you !

Hello friend! It is very hard to get a teaching post unless REB endorses,any way be strong guys our future is bright.

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