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Original post by BRYAN MUGISHA

Fhi360 suggest best topics that mentors could use to train their teachers in this holiday that starts tenth november to twenty first november.

Wow, thats better now. Its going to save us from all the gambling! I just hope tenses/verbs are not left because most of our teachers have a big problem there.

Original post by BRYAN MUGISHA


Could you please use those people i listed their names down as resourceful and invite them to your schools one day. Am sure they will leave you with the best skills and practices.

Original post by tumusiime joselyne

I think the well tranformed staffrooms and classrooms should look like these.

Dear Joselyne , thank you for sharing  these with us. and me too am going to transform my staff rooms and update them. wonderful !

tumusiime joselyne created new post 8 hours 24 min ago

 I found it crucial and necessary to make reading continuous. therefore i encouraged and guided teachers how to examine learners in reading skill as part of exam this term.

Original post by robinah
  • Hello mentors, our mentees have greatly improved their English skills.This means that our stay in these  schools is of great importance .ThanksQuote:

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